Deep Roots, Rich History, and Stories to Tell

Making Change from the Beginning

East Central has always been a melting pot. It started in 1837 as a welcoming place for free African Americans and German and Italian immigrants and has turned into a vibrant mosaic of diverse history and cultures.

In 1964, in response to a deteriorating neighborhood and little action, a group of dedicated community members got together in the basement of C&L Cleaners to take matters into their own hands and established the East Central Neighborhood Association. They wanted a better place for everyone and worked hard to clean up the community.

Here and Now

Fast forward to today, we are 3900 neighbors situated close to downtown Fort Wayne. We're all about keeping you in the loop and involved. We meet up the last Thursday of each month, sharing information and upcoming events.

Our neighborhood is home to Indiana Tech, and we’re within a comfortable stroll from theaters, restaurants, and businesses. We’re focused on making our downtown area even better and believe it’s essential to the success of Fort Wayne.

Stay in the Loop

Stay connected with the upcoming events and projects by following us on social media. You'll find news on block parties, local initiatives, and other exciting stuff. Come on over! Be part of a community that cares and contributes.